Assessment Across the Federation

Across our schools, we hold high expectations of all our pupils in their ability to fulfil their academic, physical, vocational, social and emotional potential.  We understand the importance of providing a diverse, broad and balanced curriculum that supports children to acquire a breadth of knowledge and develop a range of skills during their schooling.  We pride ourselves on endeavouring to meet the needs of all our children and of providing layers of support and challenge, as appropriate, to facilitate growth of the whole child.

The achievement of this holistic approach to progress and attainment relies, in no small part, on the rigour and robustness of our assessment systems.  We understand that the delivery of a comprehensive curriculum is dependent on regular, effective forms of monitoring and accurate processes to capture and analyse our children’s achievement.

We set aspirational end of year and termly SMART targets to drive our children towards achieving challenging goals.  We conduct both formative and summative assessments and hold termly learning meetings to gauge and monitor each child’s progress.  Skilled analysis of termly data enables us to implement purposeful interventions and extend the development of our children in all areas of the curriculum.  Assessments of children who populate key groups are closely monitored to ensure any gaps in attainment or progress are closed at the earliest opportunity.  As a Federation, we believe in the importance of accelerating children’s progress and our bespoke assessment framework for Reading, Writing, Maths, Science and the Foundation subjects provide opportunities to propel children to reach the expected standard and go beyond to achieve at greater depth.  We work closely with external agencies, such as Speech and Language Therapists and Educational Psychologists, to ensure we meet the varying needs of our children and to maximise the use of strategies ti support them.

Federation INSETs, staff meetings and phase meetings, as well as external courses, are utilised to provide high quality CPD sessions to upskill staff on how to conduct and interpret assessments in order to support and challenge children effectively.  Digital platforms are used to record and collate assessments, which enable teachers, support staff and SLT to identify gaps and gauge each child’s progress, such that they can be supported or challenged appropriately.  Ultimately, the range, frequency and triangulation of assessment within our schools ensures that all children are closely monitored to maximise their potential across the broader curriculum.

Assessment Workshop for Parents